Star Wars republic commando review By: Lord August

Star wars republic commandos review




   Star Wars republic Commando was released on March 1 2005. The game was developed and published by Lucas Arts for the Microsoft Windows and Xbox platforms.

STORY LINE: You are in the boots of a Clone Commando thrown into the midst of the battle on Geonosis with your squad of Elite troops, your mission being to find, and assassinate, the Geonosian leader Sun Fac. Your code name is Delta 1136 and your commandos, Delta 1262, Delta 1140 and Delta 1207. (Scorch, Fixer and Sev respectively) Blasting your way through Geonosian underground tunnels you have to rely on your fellows along the way, as well as helping them yourself.

After Destroying Sun Fac you are sent off to garrison a republic assault cruiser. After more fighting you are sent to investigate an assault frigate that went missing several months earlier. You split up, trying to navigate your way through a ship drenched with the blood of thousands of republic soldiers. Eventually you lose contact with all your squad mates. You learn from the surviving soldiers aboard the ship that Trandoshan bounty Hunters plan to hand the ship over to the Separatists with all of the Republics precious data aboard. You must act quickly to stop them. It is up to you to save yourself and your squad.

Throughout your service to the republic you travel to different planets, engage different intelligent species and even destroy a Separatist droid facility. The story takes place over 2 years of the Clone Wars, stopping on the final battle of Kashyyyk.

The story does lack character and background development, but makes up for it with the intense story plot.

Overall I believe the story deserves an 8/10.

GAME PLAY: Republic commandos has one of the most intelligent AI ever seen for its time. Your squad mates take cover when needed, switch to weaponry fit for taking out whatever your current foe is, and even revive you when you are shot down. Enemies as well will take cover to some extent and a few (such as trandoshans) switch between multiple weapons to take you out.

You see through your commando’s helmet, and a green bar represents your health on the side of your helmet. When your energy is gone, instead of dying, you are knocked out, your vision being obscured by a red hue. If one your squad members can make it to you in time before they too are shot down they can raise your energy bar back up to halfway; enabling you to be back in action!

You may command your men to mount turrets, focus fire on an individual foe, take defensive positions or bombard a pacific area with gunfire.

There are a number of different bombs and grenades you may pick up stashed away in ammunition dumps or abandoned vehicles. There are also 4 different republic weapons available to you after a certain period of time as well as a few enemy weapons you may use. The game lacks any bosses or puzzle solving but most levels end in some sort of major conflict. (I.e. at the end of the droid factory level you must detonate the entire structure while fending off numerous enemies in a limited amount of time.)

Game play: 9/10.

GRAPHICS: The graphics were not revolutionary for its time but still good quality. When killing enemies close up blood (or oil in case of droids) will splatter across your visor. Textures are smooth and detailed and the lighting in different areas is excellent. Guns and weaponry stretch all the way to your character leaving no gaps between the two. Backgrounds are also very detailed and smooth, not at all like your low quality 2d backgrounds. Reflection on windows and glass is decent, while the various shadows of characters, etc. are excellent. The game refrains from using 2d animations such as far off birds or tiny bushes as little as possible. Explosions as well are 3d. However, up close on your squad mates and certain enemies the texture quality is rather low, but this aspect can be easily overlooked.

I’d give graphics, an 9/10.

RECEPTION: Republic commandos was received very well. First person shooters were very popular at the time of its release (such as halo) so fans of that type of game genera were delighted to have another fps to play.

Altogether I’d give republic commandos a 9.0.

I did not write this review a friend of mine did.

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