Cars 2 Review. By:Aaron

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Graphics:10/10 very good graphics in one of the first scenes wear one of the main characters , Finn Mc missile drives  over     the  baddies on a zip line kind of thing ,and other scenes with huge explosions looks very realistic.  Ratings: Cars 2 was rated G but it is shockingly violent comparing to the first movie,which had mild violence,  such as the big crash scene in the first race in the beginning while, cars 2  had tons of violence  including cars being crushed,smashed,shot,and even blown up. I along with more than likely  many other people,including some critics, think it deserved a PG rating. Storyline:8/10  I give it the rating i did because  as I mentioned above, I found the movie overly violent. More than likely disney pixar could have made it less violent ,what do you think i’m crazy? I might be, but come on disney,you have four year olds watching this!!!

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One comment on “Cars 2 Review. By:Aaron
  1. Lord August says:

    Bravo, bravo! 😀

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