Skyward Sword Review. By:Teddy

  Not a lot of games get a perfect sense of everything that Could be in a video game. Playstation/Xbox fans say that the Wii is a bad system, because of it’s graphic capabilities. Well, let’s just say that they’re missing out on some of the Greatest games ever made. Nintendo released The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword on November 22, 20, and set a landmark in video game history. Music This year marks the 25th Anniversary of Zelda, which is very famous for it’s music, and they held Zelda Orchestras all across the globe, and they actually are still going on. People could Pre-Order Skyward normally, which came with the game and a cd with 8 tracks of Zelda music, each one around 10 minutes long, fully orchestrated this year. Or, they could get the Collectors Edition of the game, which also came with a gold-colored Wii remote, also bearing the Zelda crest on it. In-game music this time was recorded from the orchestra,all the rest of the game’s music was done by comupter only. So because of this, some of the music completely blew me away, while others left me longing for some of the older music. So listen to The Sky theme here. This is just an example of some of the better music in the game. Zelda still lacks voice acting, but I’m actually quite glad, for many reasons. Overall, I give music and sounds a 9.0 out of 10.0. Graphics Lots of people say a game is no good unless it has HD graphics, Is very bloody with lots of gore, and involves being at war and shooting at people. Am I losing my mind? Sadly, no. Zelda has 2 types of graphic series: very cartoonie, and very realistic. This game blends them together to create a world that resembles impressionist art. Some people love it; some people hate it. In my opinion, I like the new graphics: It’s not too unrealistic; but then again, it’s not too realistic. The graphics make an epic scene even more epic, and a funny scene even more funny. Overall, I give graphics a 9.0 out of 10.0 Gameplay This is it. This game gives players literally everything someone could hope to do in a video game. Players will spend countless hours fighting enemies, solving puzzles, exploring dungeons, and encountering the game’s main antagonist many,many times. You will also fly on your giant bird up in the sky, upgrade items, drink potions, play a lyre, defeat difficult bosses, and wield a sword, shield, bow and arrows, a slingshot, bombs, and much, much more. You can choose what kind of person you want to be. Ex. A jerk: Go into a restaurant and break a chandelier that looks like it cost a fortune, and before the owner can give you a royal chewing out, run away without a care. You can have your character be a great many things. Overall, I give gameplay a 10.0 out of 10.0 Controls This Zelda has the best controls yet. To play Skyward Sword, you will need the Wii Motion Plus accessory to play. The game uses 1.1 motion tracking to produce the most realistic swordplay game to date. Link’s sword movement are perfectly aligned with your movements with the Wii remote. So the Wii remote controls the sword, while the nunchuck controls the shield. I have a few complaints, and they are that you constantly have to realign the Wii remote with the center of the screen, and the sword controls will mess up a lot -especially the stab motion- and can cause great frustration in boss battles. As with your other weapons, they all work great, aside from the fact that you occasionally have to center them. Almost all of the weapons are controlled by pointing at the screen. But for bombs, you can hold the Wii remote over your head and make a tossing motion to throw one, or, you can hold it down low like a bowling ball, and make a rolling motion to roll it on-screen. This is a lot more fun than the previous games when you would simply press a button to throw it. Overall, I give controls a 9.0 out of 10.0 Overall This game is currently my favorite video game right now. This game has a perfect balance between Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Tragedy, and much much more. Deserts will turn to forests, Jungles will be flooded, People will descend from the skies, and much more. This game takes you to a world so amazing, some time or another you’ll forget you’re not really there. Overall I give this game a 9.5 out of 10.0. Here’s a Trailer:

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  1. Man_In_Hood says:

    Wow, cool review!

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