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Google Maps Goes Retro For April Fool’s!

To Read more go here: and go to: to try it out!   Advertisements

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Buy a hoverboard to day!

Hi! This is an EDGE newsflash. Mattel is talking pre-orders for replica hover boards like the ones from back to the future part 2, they are the perfect thing to go with last years hotwheels bttf DeLorean. And no, they do not

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H.A.W.K.S 2 review by: Ben

Do you like bullets screaming and planes flying?  Then H.A.W.K.S 2 is the game for you!  Help the H.A.W.K.S team save the world from Rainmaker!  Fly anything from a helo  to the newest F-35!  Besides campaign mode play challenging endless

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We thank you!

Everyone at EDGE thanks you for viewing our blog! it is because of people like you we managed to get to over 700 hits! Please come back soon or follow our blog!

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Greater Seattle Toy Show

I just got back from the greater Seattle toy show. They had tons of antique toys, new toys, and LOTS of Hotwheels! I also found the new Knight Rider Hotwheels car! A review on it is coming soon! I also got

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Coming soon!

hi! The EDGe blog has a movie collectibles page now! It is a work in progress though so it dosn’t have much on it. Whe n it is done it wil have collectibles from Batman, starwars, Lost in space and

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Sangre: The Phantom’s Lair Preview

If you like the description and excerpt below from the book ,Sangre : The Phantom’s Lair which is written by a member of EDGE  , go to this link to amazon: Discription: When the Phantom attacks Liberatalia, a pirate haven,

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movie cars

Last summer I was on vacation in long beach Washington, during the rod run to the end of the world. I saw a fan made mystery machine which appears to be an 80’s toyota van, and a death mobile from

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The Adventures of Tintin review By:aarona2u

     Graphics:9/10 The movie was made up of computer generated images and over all the graphics were good, although the cartoonieness of some scenes (which was probably made while trying to make it more like a comic book)ruins the realistic appearance of the graphics. storyline 8/10 the story starts

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Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Review By: mrmercenary

Developer: Nintendo Release Date: May 23, 2005 Rating: E (Everyone) Platform: Game Boy Advance Genre(s): RPG (Role Playing Game), Strategy        Warning. May Contain Spoilers.                           

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