Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Review By: mrmercenary

Developer: Nintendo

Release Date: May 23, 2005

Rating: E (Everyone)

Platform: Game Boy Advance

Genre(s): RPG (Role Playing Game), Strategy

       Warning. May Contain Spoilers.


In an age long past… evil flooded over the land. Creatures awash in the dark tide ran wild, pushing mankind to the brink of annihilation. In its despair, mankind appealed to the heavens, and from a blinding light came hope. The Sacred Stones. These five glorious treasures held the power to dispel evil. The hero Grado and his warriors used The Sacred Stones to combat evil’s darkness. They defeated the Demon King and sealed his soul away within the stones. With the darkness imprisoned, peace returned to Magvel. But this peace would not last… The continent of Magvel. For some 800 years, a quiet peace reigned in the absense of the terrible darkness. The Sacred Stones have been passed from generation to generation. Nations have built around their power and their legacy. The kingdom of Renais, ruled by Fado, the peerless Warrior King. The kingdom of Frelia, ruled by Hayden the venerable Sage King. The kingdom of Jehanna, ruled by Ismaire, Queen of the White Dunes. The Theocracy of Rausten, ruled by Mansel, the Divine Emperor. The Grado Empire, ruled by Vigarde, the stalwart Silent Emperor. These five countries house the power of the Sacred Stones. They are joined by the emerging mercantile republic of Carcino. In these times of peace, tales of past conflict have drifted into legend. And memories of the ancient dark arts have all but evaporated. It is now the year 803… In an instant, the whole of Magvel is threatened by an unexpected atrocity. The Grado Empire, the largest of the Sacred Stone nations, has invaded the kingdom of Renais under orders from Emperor Vigarde. A longtime ally of Grado, Renais is caught off guard, unable to mount any resistance. Grado’s forces move quickly, seizing one territory after another. Compounding King Fado’s worries, his son, Prince Ephraim, has gone missing. Grado’s momentum carries its armies to the gates of Castle Renais itself. Renais will fall… It is inevitable.  Storyline: 9/10


 The gameplay in this video game series is pretty unique. Instead of controlling a single hero, you command Medieval armies. The gameplay shifts between a “Player Phase” and an “Enemy Phase”. First, you command your army through a map and decide what you want each character to do. There are 33 playable characters in the main story. If a character runs out of health, they’re gone forever! If your main lord dies, it’s game over. The type of characters you own in your armies can be upgraded to different classes through your play-through. Battles are fought when you are caught in battle with enemy troops or monsters. The battles you see in the video are much harder than they look. The one-hit-kills don’t happen like that. For example, Joshua was in the class of Assassin: Assassins have a skill called Silencer, which, when activated, no matter the enemy’s defense, is a one-hit-kill. However, this rarely happens, as it is based on luck, whether or not it happens. And Cormag, by chance activated a Critical Hit, which also happens rarely, although it can happen with any unit. It is also not a one hit kill, though this depends on the attacker’s strength, and the enemy’s defense. It triples normal damage. Also, Cormag and Joshua were using Killer weapons, which increase the chance that you will land a Critical Hit. The game-play is divided into Chapters, which are almost read like a book. Most likely half of the time you will be reading, although this can be skipped (but if you do, you’ll miss alot of the epic story.). In each chapter you will be required to fulfill a certain task, like keeping at least your main lord or the selected character alive for a set amount of time, clearing the map of enemy troops or monsters, seizing a gate or throne, or defeating (a) boss(es). Their are 21 chapters in each play-through, and four parts, though each file you play through, you only go through 3. The first part of the game always consists of the main heroine, Eirika, also the princess of Renais, trying to find her brother, Prince Ephraim. In chapter 8, the two find each other again, and once you finish the chapter, the royal twins will split up, although this time you will choose whether you want to go with Eirika to Rausten, or with Ephraim to Grado. Either way, the entire army you gathered with Eirika , along with the two riders originally with Ephraim, will go with you. At chapter 15, the twins reunite. If you went with Eirika, you will meet up with Ephraim and two other new allies, and vice-versa. You then proceed with the final part, consisting of solving the dark and creepy mystery of the main antagonist. I won’t spoil the end, but the ending is sad. Chapter 5x  Gameplay: 9/10


This game has some pretty darn good music for the GBA. While others disagree, I really like it. The cool thing was that it would start up or shift at the perfect time, completely fitting the situation. There is a 69 track music list, which can can listened to in the Sound Room under Extras. Here’s some samples:Indignation  The Final Battle Their isn’t much else to it… 

(Indignation is anger or annoyance provoked by unfair treatment.)                                         Music: 8/10

P.S. I learn some of these songs on my piano by ear, so if anybody wants tutorials or videos I can do that.


The graphics, as you saw in the videos, weren’t all hi-tech HD graphics, as the GBA can’t do that. The characters, enemies, and monsters, have their own animations, which also vary depending on their gender. For example, if you are using a female Sage, she will be wearing a dress and have long hair, when if you use a male Sage, he will wear a robe and have shorter hair. Since the videos I gave you pretty much show the graphics, there isn’t much else to it. 

Graphics: 7/10


Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, while many claim it to be the worst in the series, is still a great game to be tried. it has a great story, unique gameplay, epic music, cool graphics, I don’t see how this can be the worst in the series.(just watch a video for the first Fire Emblem) I give Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones 9/10.

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7 comments on “Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Review By: mrmercenary
  1. Man_In_Hood says:

    Awesome review! But who’s Mr. Mercenary?

    • aarona2u says:

      hello! Thanks for reading our blog! Members of EDGE preffer to not have their real names online. Mr.Mercenary is a username. Mine is aarona2u.If you would like you can follow our blog by entering your email address in the follow tis blog box on the right side, and clicking follow. Thanks for reading!

      • Man_In_Hood says:

        Thank’s! Has “Mr. Mercenary” written any other reviews?
        Oh, and if names are the case, you’ll see that a couple of reviews actually have first and last names. D: I recommend asking whether or not they want their names or fake names. But I guess it’s up to you!

      • aarona2u says:

        Yes, he has he has written one other review and is writing a couple more soon! And thanks for the heads up! Thanks for reading our blog!

  2. Man_In_Hood says:

    What reviews is he writing, and what other one has he written? Oh, and no prob!

  3. Man_In_Hood says:

    Thank’s! Oh, and I won’t!

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