The Adventures of Tintin review By:aarona2u

     Graphics:9/10 The movie was made up of computer generated images and over all the graphics were good, although the cartoonieness of some scenes (which was probably made while trying to make it more like a comic book)ruins the realistic appearance of the graphics. storyline 8/10 the story starts out with tintin and snowy walking through an open flea market and tintin spotting the model of the unicorn. he takes it back home and leaves.Then returns only to find the Unicorn missing and his apartment ransacked,i will not tell any more because it would ruin the movie. Movie vs. Book, Their are some major differences between the movie, and the books it’s based on which  are: the crab with the golden claws, the secret of the unicorn ,and red Rackham’s treasure. some of the differences include  ,that in the original the treasure wasn’t captain haddock’s ancestor’s,it was red rackham the pirate’s! in the book also when they open the globe it supposedly contain s all of the treasure ,while in the movie , it included   SOME of the treasure  and a clue to were the rest was hidden! music:9/10.The music was overall a pretty important element to the film. it give the audience more of a feeling of what’s going on The opening was one of the best parts of the movie, because it was reminiscent of 1960″s and 70′s openings for live action shows and cartoons such as the classic batman tv show. Overall:10/10 The movie over all is Excilent, action packed and keeps you on the edge of your seat. I would highly recommend getting it on dvd when it comes out on march 13 2012.

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One comment on “The Adventures of Tintin review By:aarona2u
  1. Gerry says:

    Sounds like an interesting movie! 🙂

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