Sangre: The Phantom’s Lair Preview

If you like the description and excerpt below from the book ,Sangre : The Phantom’s Lair which is written by a member of EDGE  , go to this link to amazon: Discription: When the Phantom attacks Liberatalia, a pirate haven, an egotistical, rum-obsessed pirate who goes by the name Jack Renegade is forced to find a way to defeat the Phantom. So, fighting against British soldiers and rival pirates, Jack makes his way to Sangre, the lair of the Phantom, comes across it, and must engage in an epic confrontation with the Phantom once and for all in a life-or-death struggle.

Excerpt from the end of the first chapter.

“Catch him! Don’t let him get away!”
The shouted command rippled through the crowd of British soldiers now standing near the jail. The troop marched quickly out of Fort Astor and down the dark streets of the town.
A tall, thin shadow ducked into an alleyway just as the soldiers tramped past. As soon as they disappeared around the corner, Jack Renegade stepped out of the obscure alley, a smirk of disdain on his face now that most of the danger had passed. His dark eyes glittered in the moonlight as he brushed off his overcoat.
“Fools, all of them…” he mused under his breath as he began striding in the direction of the docks.
Several minutes later, there was a frantic shout behind him, and the sharp crack of rifle fire.
Jack lunged to the side. The soldiers had found him again.
Another round of rifle fire tore through the night. Jack took off down the street again, footsteps pounding behind him. A dark, ghostly cloud drifted across the blood-red moon, throwing Jack and his pursuers into blackness.
Jack took advantage of this, knowing that the soldiers’ night-vision was extremely poor. Then again, so was his.
Jack forced himself to run faster, his leather boots skidding across the wet, mucky cobblestones. He kept running…
And then the ground fell out from underneath him. Jack let out a surprised shout before landing in the harbor. He then became submerged underwater, tendrils of seaweed curling around him. Not prepared for this, Jack thrust himself upwards. He exploded out of the water, coughing. Saltwater dripped down his face, plastering his dark brown hair to his head.
He treaded water for several minutes, gasping for breath. Finally, he started to swim, his arms and legs cutting strongly through the water. There were infuriated howls from behind him, and the sharp report of rifles.
Jack kept swimming, further and further out, until he reached the tall cliffs that bordered the large town.
Jack struggled to keep his head above the choppy, crashing waves that slammed into him and pitched him back-and-forth. Just then, a massive shape loomed over him.
The Ocean Raider. The ship that Jack was first mate of.
They were waiting for him.
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2 comments on “Sangre: The Phantom’s Lair Preview
  1. Lord August says:

    An awesome book!!! Anyone who loves Pirate or just fantasy must buy this!

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