EDGE reviews Newsletter: Racing Video Game Edition May 2012

Hello, reader! Not much new this month here at EDGE reviews, except the new template, which you have probably noticed by now. Sorry for the absents of the newsletter last month! Enjoy the newsletter! See you next month!

Video Game Review: Final Drive Fury By: aarona2u

Game: Final Drive Fury    Made By: Wild Tangent Year: 2006

Players: one System: PC   Operating System: Windows 7, XP and Vista      Price: Free

                              Graphics:8/10  semi-realistic.            Sound Effects: 8/10 semi-realistic

Storyline: Like most racing games this one does not have a storyline.

Cars: You have a choice of three different cars in this game,. The cars included are a Kia, which comes on the game automatically, Havoc (Fictional) and Rage (Fictional), and you can add multiple upgrades such as a spoiler and turbo.

Overall: This game is for you if you like cars, racing and video games. It is basically a watered down version of Need for Speed Pro Street.  Play it for free here: http://www.wildtangent.com/games/final-drive-fury

Video Game Review: Mario Kart Wii By Chipop

Players: 1-4. Controllers: wii remote and wheel (or no wheel), game cube controller, classic controller, and wii remote and nunchuk.If you like battling & racing, mario kart wii is the right game for you! You can play: grand prix, time trials, vs., and battle. You can choose from twenty four characters, plus…… you can play with your mii’s! Options: There are also optional accessories for Mario Kart Wii that you might enjoy. You can buy a Wii wheel (white or black) and also an inflatable car to sit in while you play your racing game. If you are a big Mario Kart fan, you might like some of the Mario Kart toys and  if you don’t have a Wii, there are other game systems that have Mario kart games you can buy for systems such as for the Nintendo Ds ($36.64!) the game cube ( no longer available!) and the 3Ds ($46.99!). Enjoy playing mario games!

Mario Kart Wii with Wii Wheel

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