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Book Review: Hardy Boys Adventures Book 1: The Secret of the Red Arrow

Review by aarona2u Rating: *** (Three stars)

What book series has thrilled readers since  1927? The Hardy Boys of course! Most people have read at least on book from one of the several series that has been written over the years. It started in 1927 with the first book ever, The Tower Treasure Mystery, which was the first of the original hardcover series, then in 1979 the books became available in only paperback. Soon it was joined by the case files series aimed teen readers, which was cancelled in 1998. The original series was finally cancelled in 2005, and replaced by the Undercover Brothers series which was terrible compared to the original series. In 2013 it was replaced with the new Hardy Boys Adventures series. This review is on the first book in that series. The cover design is excellent, featuring an actual illustration rather than the cheesy stock photos that the Undercover Brothers Series featured. the illustration is absolutely excellent and is reminiscent of the original Hardy Boys covers.
Unfortunately, the content behind the cover is not even close to as good. The storyline is good, but it is more of a thriller than a mystery. Judging by the title of the series, is it possible the publisher is taking the Hardy Boys in a different direction? The title of the book is clearly thought through, and has a classic Hardy Boys feel to it. Unfortunately  the rest of the book doesn’t have the same feel. It is a OK plot, but it has dull moments, and really exciting moments, and also really terrible moments. The plot is better than most of the Undercover Brothers plots, but is pale in comparison to the original books. Some bad plot details include the Hardy Boys being under a deal with their dad were if they’re caught solving mysteries, they will be sent to reform school. Another thing is that Mr. Hardy is portrayed as a cowardly retired detective turned author. It is quit awful and is something that the book would be better off without. Also present is the absents of many of the characters from the original books that were included in the original series such as Chet Morton and Chief Collig. Chet Morton is in the excerpt of the second book, though I don’t know how much he appears in the book.
the most shocking of anything wrong with this book is the use of fowl language by the hardy boys! It is some thing that you would not have seen in the original series, and the use of fowl language makes me take off an entire star for this book.
In all, they tried to modernize this series, but they did a terrible job doing so. This book is extremely dated by the mention of modern icons. The original series was modern back then and is still not all that outdated, while 30 years from now this book will be very outdated.

In all I give it 3 stars. I would have given it four if the fowl language wasn’t there. below are photos of the cover. Click Here to buy it on amazon!



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One comment on “EDGE Reviews Febuary 2013 Newsletter
  1. Anna says:

    Well, I like the cover, but from what you tell about the language part I think maybe I better not read it until I am older. 😦

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