Hothweels Retro Entertainment Series Knight Automated Roving Robot (KARR) From knight rider review

In 2013, Hotwheels produced the retro entertainment line, which included TV and movie cars such as Kitt from Knight Rider, The A Team van, Batmobile and more. This vehicle is the Knight Automated Roving Robot that was in two episodes of the original Knight Rider ( Trust Doesn’t Rust, Kitt, Vs. Karr). In the show, Karr was Kitt’s flawed, evil prototype that was stolen from storage by two crooks. The casting is the same as Hotwheels Kitt, but has different paint and decals. The paint is the version from Kitt Vs. Karr, with the silver stripe, and KARR license plate.

Paint 8/10: The paint is overall decent, but the stripe is not completely straight, and the scanner should be amber, not red.

Interior 9/10: The interior is very detailed and has the gullwing steering wheel, curved dash, gauges, and two TV monitors. It is painted correctly, with black dash and tan seats. The only issue is that on mine, the decal for the screens is smudged or damaged badly.

Casting 10/10: The same one used for Kitt, very well detailed from T tops to chassis complete with turbo boost rockets on the bottom.


conclusion 9/10 : This is a very nice diecast, even though it is not perfect, it is great for any Knight Rider fan.




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